My new saxophone

I recently acquired a new Tenor Saxophone - A P. Mauriat PMXT-66R.

First off, it has a much fuller and darker tone than the horn I have been playing on, much more like the old Selmer's. This particular saxophone is somewhere between a classic Mark VI and a balanced action. This is also a much more hefty sax than it's other modern counterparts. It also runs between half and a third of the price of an authentic vintage Selmer Mark VI, with none of the headaches of an older instrument.

Overall the sax is very much in tune with itself. And the lower three notes will sound even at the softest of dynamics. In addition the available upper harmonics allow greater ease when playing in the altissimo range and sounding mutliphonics.

The challenge I am having at the moment is matching the rest of my equipment to the horn. I also feel this is a case of getting used to the nuances of this instrument.

I have been using a Metal Otto Link NY 8* with a Alexander Superial 3.5 strength reed on my Guardalla. I believe the bore is slightly bigger on the Mauriat, and I know for certain that the bell is -- so I have been experimenting with smaller mouthpiece openings when I need a brighter sound or more projection. However, the more I play the horn -- I have been finding I am getting more dimensions out of my standard setup, although the projection and volume is not quite as full as it was on my previous horn.

The only thing I would change would be to raise the height of the upper palm keys, but that was easily handled by slip on Runyon palm key risers.

I will give updates as I become more familiar with the sax. But I would definitely say that if you have a music store in your area that stocks these saxophones, and you are in the market for a new sax, go try one. Even if your not in the market, go try one -- they are really onto something here.

Check out the manufacturers web site at

Side note. P.Mauriat is named for the French orchestra leader made famous in the 60's with the elevator/Bachelor pad classic "Love is Blue". You know it, even if you don't know you know it. Look it up on Grooveshark.

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