Leave things as you found them -- So you think you want to play a wedding Part 5

One last note for now, leave things as close to how you found them as possible. If you are fed separately, given a green room or a prep area, make sure you do your best to clean up after yourself. Even if there is wait staff assigned to you, make the offer[.....]

You are the Entertainer - So you think you want to play a wedding band Part 3

You are there to steer the party. In this gig, you are the Entertainer , not the artist . Your artistic skill is a given, but it is not why people are at a wedding or a party. People are there to celebrate a wonderful personal event and have fun. As with m[.....]

Go with the flow -- So you think you want to play a wedding band Part II

The one most important thing to remember when playing a wedding gig is, That despite any plan, things will change. Set breaks will shift, set lengths will shift, set content will shift. The bride and groom may be stuck doing photos and the jazz cocktail se[.....]

So you think you want to play a wedding band

I am a founding member of and continue to play in one of the top wedding/event bands in Nashville -- Top Tier. Top Tier has been named "Brides Choice" by wedding wire for the past 4 years, and I can honestly tell you playing in a wedding/party band has uni[.....]

My influences?

People often ask Who do I listen to? Who do I think has influenced my sound? These questions cause a bit of self reflection, yet never really accurately reflects who has really influenced your sound. I will make my best go as to who my major influences are[.....]

Why don't horn players want to rehearse?

I have been asked literally and rhetorically time and again, Why don't horn players want to rehearse? Saxes, trumpets, trombones, etc. Lets get one thing straight. We want to rehearse. But we want to actually rehearse productively. Nothing is worse (and fr[.....]

My new saxophone

I recently acquired a new Tenor Saxophone - A P. Mauriat PMXT-66R. First off, it has a much fuller and darker tone than the horn I have been playing on, much more like the old Selmer's. This particular saxophone is somewhere between a classic Mark VI and a[.....]