My influences?

People often ask Who do I listen to? Who do I think has influenced my sound? These questions cause a bit of self reflection, yet never really accurately reflects who has really influenced your sound.

I will make my best go as to who my major influences are, but as surely as I have heard an album or a tune on the radio -- a little bit of everyone I have heard is a part of my sound. 

  • Stan Getz 
  • Dexter Gordon 
  • King Curtis 
  • Rusty Bryant 
  • Eddie Harris 
  • Michael Brecker 
  • Tom Scott 
  • David Sanborn 
  • Paul Desmond 
  • Paul Winter

On certain gigs, people say I sound a lot like Lenny Picket. I haven't really made a study of his sound, but I will admit, when I play in the stratosphere -- I understand the comparison. I also wouldn't have the pretense of a direct comparison. I think it's more likely we have been influenced by a similar list of musicians.

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