So just who is this "Tiny E"?

He is more than just a sax player; he is a composer, a writer, a dreamer and above all, Tiny E is an artist.

erik He was born Erik Hiser in 1972 at Huntington Hospital in Huntington, NY and if you asked his mother, she would tell you she knew all along he would be a man who stood out,marched to a beat of a different drummer, and sang his own song when he got bored with the one all the other kids where singing — as he did a number of times, much to her chagrin growing up in suburban Long Island.

Graduating from Harborfields High school in 1990, (yep the same one that pop-diva Mariah Carey went to) he ventured off to college, finally ended in up in Boston where he studied at the Berklee College of Music, meeting and studying with some of the finest musicians in the world — all the while playing GB gigs, recording, busking on the Green Line platform at Government Center and working as an usher at Boston Symphony Hall (not believing they would pay him to do it either) he gained a degree in film scoring in 1994.

The recent history of E finds him moving Nashville in 1997. Since then, Tiny E has played live and recorded with some of the finest up-and-coming artists, and songwriters, as well as established local/regional artists. Including individuals such as Phil Vassar, Steve Mandile and the Love Monkeys, Hal Newman and the Mystics of Time, Kelly Lee DeBoe, The Mattford Brothers, Rachel Panay, Scotty Hogue and the ICONS, and many others. As well as playing too many tux, and GB gigs to remember. He has also written music for a number of videos including the documentary Tom Clancy's WWII, as well he has written the music for a number of friends' wedding ceremonies.

Tiny E playing with Christie's Ex in 2005 Humbled recently when one of his fans said — "You don't get to hear a player with talent and soul these days, and boy you have buckets of both" — Tiny E continues to perform live,compose and do studio work, and is in the constant process of evolving his sound and his own group.

If you would like to utilize Tiny E's talents for your own project, be it studio, live performance (either as part of your group, or with his group on your stage), film work, lectures/clinics or any other musical endeavor please feel free to send him an email.