These are links to the companies of the equipment I use.

This is not an endorsment (other than their products work for me, and I really like thier products) and I am not sponsored by any of these companies. 

I play both P.Mauriat Tenor and Soprano saxophones.

JJ Babbitt Company
I use an Metal 8* Otto Link New York Series mouthpiece. 

Propellerhead Software
Reason is my go to DAW for any work I do.

I am currently using to AKAI EWI-USB, and I am looking to upgrade soon

People I Play with or have Played With

Top Tier Band
Nashville based Top Rated Party and Wedding Band, and Wedding Wires "Brides Choice" award winner for the past 4 years.(booking information)

Christie's EX - The Ultimate Billy Joel Tribute Band
The name says it all. It's music we love, and love making.

Hal Newman and the Mystics of Time
Named for a historic Mobile Mardi Gras society, The Mystics of Time are rooted in the deep south traditions of Gulf Coast R&B.

Music City Swing
The newest and gooviest big band in Nashville.
Bringing it too you Old School. (Really old school, like duke and Glenn Miller old school).

Phil Vassar
The man who pegged me with the name, not only is he a great contemporary country singer...but he can sing Billy Joel songs better than any one else alive...except maybe Billy.

Truly great songwriter, awsome jazz vocalist.